listening to kate bush watching the sunset from a bench on one of my last days as an unmarried woman. tsafi andi went to the head rabbi’s office of netanya today. 2 hours of torture. there were around 14 other people there, the dregs of society. a pregnant woman wore spandex that hugged rolls that no boubt cut the baby in two inside there. i thought of something someone said on ricki lake yesterday “spandex is a priveledge. not a right!” the rabbi was around 90 years old and banged his nails on the wood table to get everyone’s attention. he seemed to be talking directly to tsafi and me. i nodded where appropriate but understood nothing. tsafi would later tell me that he spoke about the history of israel, when a woman is unclean and other things. after the group meeting, we were called in, one couple at a time. he asked me how much furniture i wanted tsafi to buy me. “WHAT?!” i asked, thinking he was kidding but he had his pen poised over a form, that seemed to be the application for the ketubah, “just say, 50,000 shekels.” tsafi said and so i did…not understanding anything going on in that crazy office. he wrote “180” on the line next to it. tsafi would later tell me that that means he has to pay me 180,000 shekels if we divorce. i left confused and dizzy. we met with the ashkenazi rabbi that will marry us. he gave us a handwritten list of things to get…sweet wine, glasses, we’ll rent a chuppah with four poles and we were given shabbat candle holders and a wine cup. we drove around netanya, looking for a spot to marry. one for good weather, and one for rain. we found a perfect spot on a grassy cliff where parachuters lift off from. there’s nothing standing between us and and nature so i love it. it’s 4:30pm now…this time exactly when we will marry on monday. the sun’s intensity simmered to a low orange. i asked soemone what time it was…4:30… 2 american tourists pass by and scream ‘oh my god!’ when they see the sunset. yes, it’s a good time of day to marry….

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