the rains have begun. 3 days straight of heavy rains. It makes the reality that we are essentially part of africa unavoidable. The streets are directionless rivers, with the rainwater running every which way finding its way into socks and into my bag. It pools stagnant on some older streets making walking thru it impossible. Just when i think i’ve jumped over a lake, masked as a puddle, and i celebrate by stamping my feet to shake off the water not yet absorbed into my shoes, i find myself in another lake. Last night i walked down dark industrial streets with trees cut out of sidewalk in the town where i work, kfar saba. Pink floyd played in my ears and my umbrella gave me temporary shelter as i went in search of a hardware store selling a certain kind of blank cd to burn wedding favor cds onto. I turned onto weissman street and began lake hopping with the sky spilling all around me. cars began honking at this small junky car in reverse against traffic. It was a sweet teenage soldier offering me a ride. He took me down weisman to #138 where i bought 100 blank cds for 200 shekels. His name was danny. He told me he doesn’t think of his future. Just getting thru basic training.

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