Monthly Archives: May 2012

fading while blazing

5/15/12 – LA to NYC
parched craters below, red earth, ribbons of rivers.

i must remember this life is a privilege, must remember to have fun, keep afloat. it’s more than just pushing thru to get to the quieter moments, must revel in the rush.

stone mountains like puzzle pieces. i connect the napkin dots across the country. i circle tampa and send love to my best friend lying in a hospital bed. wishes of a speedy recovery, to re-focus. we are both spinning tops of love energy, forgetting to take care of ourselves.

i am fading while i’m blazing. using up my body doing what i love. i am resigned to be in need. in need of a magic button that resets. resets my bowling pins while i put the alley on hold.

in the meantime, i keep going. this week i entertained getting a real job. 9 to 5, good morning, lunch breaks, leaving it all behind at the stroke of the exit hour. i’d last a week, tops. nope, not for me….

so i must make this work, perhaps open a studio in LA, stay put. for all the money i spend on travel, assistants & emergency medical, i could pour into advertising… wheels turn.