Monthly Archives: September 2010

canada, los angeles, half moon bay


8/9/10 vancouver canada
heavy eyes, words blur. in a small plane. my first working trip abroad. signs in french, monopoly money. people saying ‘ay’ a lot. each time i heard it, i giggled and imitated “that’s a looney, AY?!” beyond that, all was mostly familiar. epic shoots, amazing new friends.

8/30/10 los angeles
dead. done for. infirmary faerie at your non-service. i am a couch blob shrieking in pain. chiropracters, xrays, acupuncture, orthopedic surgeons. 6 days have passed. the pain from my lowest vertebrae spreads down my left leg. steroids, painkillers, diagnosis of lumbar muscle spasms and scolisis…and if it weren’t for brady’s love, i’d be a sobbing mess. he pulls up my pants, cries when i cry. if i ever doubted growing old with this man, this week has surely solidified it….


9/6/10 half moon bay, ca
seaweed rises like a dead body untethered, flowing & turning just below the water’s surface. a hauntingly aquatic Rorschach test. the lighthouse beckons rhythmic, the fog has lifted and the dry paper rustling of tall grass conceals me as i curl embriotic. in need of social detox, a call to center, aware of the schedule i conjured & general confusion over not being able to stop. i pile my life wide like a plate of food from a buffet table… knowing full well that salad would’ve been enough. my spirit is now gluttonous. more moments, more new friends, more art, more exploration… my body is a child that just wants a lollipop.