Monthly Archives: May 2010

musings from a 15-mile hike… forest to ocean.

the summit was a table and i stomped on it
the path was winding and i steamrolled it.

today i stared into the eye of a rattlesnake…
i respectfully declined its harm.
today i was warned not to fly to the ocean,
having been caught with arms outstretched
racing and spinning on the trail
i respectfully declined that as well.

the incessant mallet wants me to be still
to absorb this illustrious wonderland.
i will listen… & watch…
from hawks flying so wide to nature & her intricate packages,
the brilliant wind, an agreement to carry, to shift.
it is a ghost, lifting our hair, disappearing.
just like my words
acting on behalf of my camera
which i purposefully left behind…

we have reached the ocean.
this was our destination.
blue glitter toes rest against sea kelp
indent of sock prints on my ankles.
tattered shoes document the ride.
this is what we came for…

the ocean fills up, breathes in our direction.
waves quiet my inner dialogue
they thunder & spray my glitter toes.
i sit up straighter but refuse to retreat
everything is in agreement here…
the rocks to the water
the kelp to the tide
and us? what is our place here? mere observers…
leave no trace and move on…
how expertly chaotic the very spot on which i sit,
made up of ocean shards & sea floor creations
never forgotten, just resting for a time
soon to be reclaimed.

celebrating the power of creation &
the chords of distance that reset it.
there is strength in knowing that
there is more to know.

pathways are sometimes skewed,
the destination bold, assured
i feel more bohemian as i grow older…

lying flat now on the earth
on top of a cliff
perched high above the churning sea.
the wind whipping remnants of me into view.
my hair, that long reminder of where i’ve been
& for how many years & how free…
i am never lost…

this journey has been one of the most
humbling & majestic experiences of my life.
i often wonder if i live too close to the edge,
inching myself closer to the source
plagued by curiousity
but with the balance & wisdom of awareness, experience…

am i on target?
what is my destination?
perhaps i am there already…
like the calm within the eye of a storm.
i am raging…