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summer travels

27 july ~ houston, texas
head awash in heavy iron candelabras, silhouettes of ornate chandeliers, women posed threadbare on reflective cherry wood,a rockabilly bride fixing her veil in antique mirrors, & art & art & art throughout the warehouse playground, the pool on the roof with a moat around it, grass, a private oasis, black dogs, friends, parties, cocktails, dancers, suitcases, humidity, statues, museums, shopping, antique stores, connection, reconnection, couches, pillow fights, brazil, anvil, barnaby’s, models, families, shimmy & lace, zils & veils, piercing eyes, igniting them, sweating, going into them, banishing their fear, lift lift them up, clicky-click, reset reset & again & again & the next one & breathing… vitamins, balance, aware of lack of sleep & fixing it wherever possible…

two weeks ago i landed in austin, texas. i stayed with porn & t at their amazing house in dripping springs. it had been almost 2 years since i visited. boo, the black pomeranian that had been my favorite dog in the world until pinball blessed my life, had since reproduced & there was this little boo clone, a tiny hellion that i called ‘boo-ty’ although her name is really kali. she is my kinda terror & i loved her instantly.

porn’s kids, jagger & jordan grew into giants since i last saw them & the incestuous goats outside turned into a gang… glaring thru the window fiercely if they caught me looking at them thru the blinds, headbutting each other just to show me how tough they are. rectangle slits for eyes & threatening postures…

porn & i had many adventures into town… saloons & parties & spending mornings laughing at episodes of dr. tran and the mighty boosh. i spent a day with lisa, a girl that sent me sweet emails wanting to be my austin assistant. she collects antique thermoses and frames flags. i spent a night at a party for lava lounge out in the woods behind a moose lodge. mosquitoes ate me alive, playa dust collected on my clothes, lava lamps on the make-shift bar. string lights hung between trees. sad not to have spent time with pixie sunshine or XT. david who also had contacted me on email, brought me to his old victorian house that he suggested might be a good location for future shoots. my legs left bug spray impressions on his fancy leather seats of his bmw. his house was incredible with a wrap around porch, tall ceilings, original wooden doors, sculptures & art hung around the house, some incorporating used motor oil, black pools that sparked me.

the next day consisted of non-stop photo shoots in porn’s basement, an endless stream of dancers, families & models. the family upstairs watching tv, checking email, amused at the circus that i invited to the house, eventually jumping in for a shoot of their own. concept shoots with the ramsey family are hilarious. the last one ended with them in black clothes, sunglasses, bandanas & gangster glares behind a liquor store, me lying on broken glass on the worn pavement as he pointed the world’s most powerful gun at my face… which prompted a puffed-up brady phone call “why you pointing a gun at my girl, fool?!’ end result being the towering b&w print up high on their living room wall. no matter where in the room you stand, it’s as if the gun is pointing at you… pretty neat. when i do shoots like that, my thoughts are mostly a mantra that a police car to please not pass by. i send my faeries out to throw the invisibility cloak over us & to work fast. this studio shoot was much less daring but just as funny. they dressed as nerds… jordan stroking a chicken, was the dumb one (in reality he is studying nutritional science). jagger was the happy suspender-pulling geek. porn was the bored inattentive father & teresa was just wrong… wrong in all ways, the geek whore. it was just amazing…
i love this family so much. i love how they listen to, play with & respect each other. just total honesty, always ‘love you, bye’. the kids weren’t sheltered by any of their crazy antics & yet they are football stars & excelling in school, socially fluid & loving, interesting well-rounded people. i went to the gym with jordan for a few hours one morning, met his friends.


the next day, face came over and some new burner people. face lined up bottles for wine tasting, opening a succession of incredible ports and pinots that spun us silly. naked people in the pool. i spent an hour talking philosophy with someone i just met under a waterfall called ‘the grotto’. face would scoot in and say ‘try this!’ & each successive glass of wine was better than the last. mad expensive bold flavors. at one point, face thought she lost a button someone gave her and her eyes started to fill up with tears. she eventually found it but damn, it was cute. i could just eat popcorn and watch her. any lesbian that eats sausage as animated as face, is surely good people.

john, who i went to grade school with showed up at the pool party and i was so happy to spend time with him. his face as a boy is etched into my brain and that he was so cool with my crazy friends… the nakedness, the goat gang, the sausage lesbian, the terror puppy, all of it… just warmed my heart. we sat on a couch when he first arrived “20 year update, ready go!” and he told me of school, his job & wife… and i told him of my family, of my years in the middle east, and how i got to los angeles, met brady, started my business.

of all the shoots in austin, the most unique one was shooting lisa in a turquoise bikini with black high heels and a gun against a white trailer with the sister-brother goats humping each other & the one-eyed dog at my side. i was living a tom waits song.

a few days later, porn & i woke up early, jumped in his truck and went on a roadtrip up to houston. three hours in search of cow butts left me slightly frustrated. what’s a trip to texas without a tight shot of cow ass?! i mean, really… luckily we did get a cartwheel in at the stevie ray vaughn statue before we skipped town… and we saw some mediocre cow butts off the highway.

i peed behind a hay bale and found a vulture feather next to a deer carcass which, in my hasty run back to the car to give it to porn, got stuck with sticker things in my ankle, chinese death stars of farm armageddon. back on the road, farmland gave way to city hustle-bustle and houston was upon us.

we parked in front of graham & stina’s house. big hugs and into the house we go and these two black puli dogs were hyper crazy. one was a six-month-old puppy. i called her the ‘happy muppet’. the older one was all dread-locked, acting as the school marm, yelling when the little one got out of hand, which was often. they both had hair in their eyes and fought over sheep skin and fur. the older one dragging the younger one around on the floor. that was the only time i ever saw her lie still. she was just crazy, seemingly saying “I’m ALIIIIIIIVE! and I’m a PUPPPPYYYY!!! And I LOOOOVE you!” porn and i fought over who they loved more, me or him, based on the fact that they virtually ignored him, opting to snuggle with me each night (*cough*yup, that’s how it went*uncough*)

graham was an amazing host. took us to this bar, the anvil, where i had the best cocktail i’ve ever had, the eyedroppers and tinctures were used to make the drinks there and the owner refused to use vodka. a drink there is quite the experience. vicki, from old mutaytor days, attacked me on the street before we got there. she was in the middle of moving but made time to come see me & also set up a shoot as well, which wound up being one of the most magickal & sexy ones in houston. new friends, old friends and great discussions. introductions to a new town. porn not only stayed in houston much longer than planned but teresa wound up driving in as well. good times!

graham took us to art galleries, the art car museum and then he pulled up to something that he called ‘the heads’. i was amazed to realize that this must be the new heads to replace the old crumbling one’s at president’s park in virginia that i’d just visited a month before. i excitedly called brady’s mother, judi to tell her of my discovery.

and then we went to candyman’s place. a five-story renovated warehouse. i was stunned silent when i first saw it. “this is my sanctuary,” he warned, “these are the rules…” apparently he doesn’t let many people shoot photos there… he doesn’t allow wide shots of the place. i was careful to honor his rules and made sure my models understood as well. what a gift it was to create art in this space. everything felt confusingly decadent and irrationally fun. a secret otherworld. although i can shoot in a garage or living room, i thrive best in playgrounds like that where every corner has a story to tell.

in quieter moments, candyman & i connected and talked much about our lives and travels. he gave me helpful business advice. in crazier party times, candyman was like a big kid in his fabulously extravagant world of his making. willy wonka, texas style. he declared that the evening’s party would be a nautical theme and everyone scurried out to drive an hour to find costumes.

i was in the middle of a day of shoots that ended just as the party started. i quickly rolled up my backdrop, grabbed the last remaining sailor hat and mingled with new friends. intelligent conversations slowly turned to drunken antics. i just had one drink but marathon drinkers were in fine form. i felt it was my duty to slap them with pillows and a pillow fight erupted. one pillow gone astray towards the chandeliers and I was onto other forms of trouble. as midnight approached and some eyes became dilated, i stealthily retreated back to graham and stina’s house to prepare for my shoots the next day. when i showed up to set up for the shoots the next day, i was amazed to find everyone still awake and silly… ten minutes before my first model was to show up, i felt a bit of panic but porn got everyone up and into the pool as the elevator door opened and the model entered the room. great timing, such relief and then to the rocking…

the party was still going strong, nearing 24 hours when the shoots all ended. i packed up as dinner was being made and sat down with everyone, showing them on my laptop the fruition of my time there. candyman smiled and i smiled and i thanked him for having me to his crazy house. what a gift… what a wild time…. we all sat around the table. i ate potatoes and string beans, popped a vitamin while most everyone around me had beers… the evening ended softly and sweetly, goodbye hugs and back to graham’s place. puppy snuggles and laughter. emerging into today where the last noteworthy thing i did was a cartwheel in a rangerette uniform in front of the sam houston statue. airport shenanigans and it appears the plane is about to land… brady:pinball:brady:pinball!

29 july
48 hours of home before more travels. my last official cirque berzerk shoot for this run and celebrating brady’s birthday.

brady and pinball met me at the airport. kisses from one and evasive glances from the other. “oh pinball sweetie, i’m sorry…” but nope. she sat pouting. i booked a fancy hotel for the three of us in huntington beach right on the water. it was her first time to the ocean.

excitement and hesitancy to remove her leash at the dog beach. a deep breath and off she went, straight into the waves. brady & i cheered her on from the water and she was fearless and free, dirty, blessed out. “this is the ocean, baby” and all was forgiven. she kissed me and leaned on me and i knew she wasn’t mad anymore.

we tucked her in at the hotel and went strolling around town like new lovers. we ate dinner outside near a fire and talked and talked, closing the place down long after the bartender washed all the glasses. back to the room and the three of us snuggled sweetly in slumber, leaving behind pillows and towels of red and blue hair dye stains. spent the morning whisked away from the world… in the afternoon, more dog beach playtime before returning back home.

laundry and emails and battery recharging. i bought a new computer, presents and cake for brady’s birthday party after the circus show that night. it was bri’s birthday too and i found a raspberry & vanilla cake for her as well. the next morning the suitcases were repacked and i was off again…

san francisco…
gates and baggage and supershuttle woes and straight to a wedding rehearsal dinner where i ate the best butternut squash ravioli in the universe. i took a cab back to where i stay in san fran, back to the love manor mansion where i crawled into a fur-laced hammock with jd, my queer ‘dad’, under the disco orbs that make rainbows on the ceiling at dawn, catching up on life. he called me ‘princess’ and held onto the heel of my fuzzy sock until i got sleepy….

the next day i shoot the wedding. my assistant luiza was amazing. instant synergy and perfect initiation & accountability, totally on top of it. as i posed the bride with her bridesmaids, i would look up to find her posing the groom with his groomsmen. such relief, such proactiveness. we drank lemon drops and thoroughly enjoyed the day, capturing love and making some new friends.

3 august
today is my day off, the one where I promised myself I would sleep in and do nothing. instead i left the house at 5am… i’m now in a park in sausalito. i give up and throw myself in lush grass besides a fountain. i have been walking from the top of twin peaks since dawn with muir woods as my destination. i found my way to golden gate bridge and walked across to marin county. fell asleep on a stone wall and continued my journey for a few miles before getting distracted by art and ice cream. one tequila sunrise later and i’ve decided the day is perfect just as it is. it’s my day off. no one is expecting me, i have no shoots today. i have water and some money in my pocket, my journal and my camera in a backpack. my feet say go and so they go….

ferry whistles and children gleefully accepting ice cream from their parents. the splashes of the fountain, a hollow sound from a football. a painter leaning into his easel capturing this fantastic afternoon. i like to watch his critical eye absorb the scene, a smack of his gums and he dances into his art. fathers carry cherub daughters, red-headed in matching lavender dresses, over and they marvel awestruck. stoic elderly indonesian tourists pose for photos by the fountain. laughing & smiling before and after the photo but not while the photo is taken. what causes people to withhold? this is a constant question of mine. is it culture or control, fear or habit? why not shine?

daydreaming for some time i now contemplate my options…. to admit defeat and hop a bus back or… oh wow! just as i squished up my face at what i’d just written here, juan carlos, my fellow shutterbug friend, called. “i have a motorcycle and no plans. where are ya?” “come have an adventure! bring your camera!” and he’s hip to my game and apparently en route! it looks like muir woods will happen after all! joy!

11 august – vermont
applying tea tree oil to the various inflamed bug bites, most heinous this hour my ankle, swollen and punctured by vampiric mosquitoes. listening to ‘metric’ watching the little plane on the seat display make dots across the country.

vermont was epic. i landed into burlington and into puck’s arms. never have i been so challenged and sparked by a woman such as this. ignited by artistic reverberation, trouble as our middle name…. and so she’s in love and getting married…. so yes i will fly and yes i will capture this love.

her childhood home in shelburne, her father with handles for a mustache and a wide happy face. her sweet mother that plays volleyball and has a secret garden thru a pathway in the woods. childhood photos of her with blonde hair, innocent eyes… if only they knew of our desert adventures riding topless on top of my handlebars & all the trouble & sugary concoctions we are capable of…!

her angry mango of a bird called ‘pip’ still caged upstairs. her cats skulking in the yard. we spent the first night wandering around burlington, stopping in at the art store that she used to work for, where she’d mail me glitter pens & baubles. ‘speedy coffee’ that should be illegal for faeries. sunset & indian food & a bar, of course a bar! ☺ i slept that night alone in a trailer parked in their driveway. her dad, hans, told me of the great deal they got by buying it overseas in the 80’s & shipping it back home. all was beige & brown but i finally slept. anywhere i can create a crypt devoid of sight & sound, where nothing is going on that i am tempted to jump into or shoot, i can sleep. the smaller the space, the better. i awoke at 4am and added to the dew on the front lawn, watched the sun rise wrapped in a blanket breathing in summertime…

morning brought relatives in the kitchen. her aunt lydia, my favorite. a big soft woman with a german accent and a contagious smile. her laugh was like popeye’s. “geh-geh-geh-geh-geh!” she has me in stitches, insisting i eat an egg sandwich. “ok then!” “and JUICE! joo must to have juice! geh-geh-geh-geh-geh!” “ok then!”

puck & jeremy & i soon headed out to shoot wedding portraits, a full day before the actual wedding… she looked stunning in a red dress, perfectly matching her red hair. he looked all punk-posh in a top hat & tuxedo jacket. we wandered around train tracks & i posed them, at times reluctantly, against various textures & colors. bricks of red & blue, industrial wastelands…

back home, they napped and i set up for portraits in the garage, finishing up just in time for the descending sun to shine right onto the backdrop. scurrying around with tarps and bungee cords to fix the problem and viola! a studio in vermont! ☺

dancers arrived and we rocked. the neighbors gathered at the end of the driveway, alerted by my strobe lights no doubt. the shoots ended late and i slept in my trailer crypt, emerging into wedding day preparations. flowers clipped from her mother’s garden stored in buckets & baskets. sunflowers and gladiolas and an excitement in the air. holly had arrived after a ten-hour journey from boston. we slipped away with our macro lenses to hunt down the secret garden… the exact path eluded us but with the help of a woman walking her dog, we found it!

rows of beheaded gladiolas greeted us amidst the musky rich tomato plants. pudgy caterpillars, these little wonders appeared and i tip-toed thru the dew and hay bales to capture vermont in all its ripe summer-wonder. back at the house, we dressed quickly and found our way to the wedding site but not before stopping off at dakin farms where holly obsessed over bacon and i became a maple syrup fiend.

i helped set up the wedding, rolling out the tables, laying out monkey placemats & cutlery. guests arrived & i assembled everyone into a semi-circle by the lake’s edge… and in comes puck in her red wedding dress with her father hans by her side, with his wide circus bow-tie & matching smile.

a short ceremony led by a woman holding a folder and into a hall surrounded by a porch for a reception. the food was amazing, the best ever wedding food ever ever! sweet potatoes and quinoa and all healthy things. red & black circus was the theme. animal crackers & temporary tattoos. lydia put one on her chest! geh-geh-geh! after pie, we all played volleyball. i hurt my thumb and sat on porch steps watching it balloon up like a grape. ice in a bag and my shooting was done for the day.

nighttime brought all her friends in tents in the backyard. we sat around a fire pit til late. mosquitoes were relentless, rabid, just plain rude. i went off to the side and literally doused myself with deep wood off, surrounded myself with citronella candles and still they ate me alive. holly even downloaded the iphone application that emits a high-pitched noise as a mosquito repellent and it didn’t work. i retreated to our tent where i used my thumb (the UNswollen one) to make an ‘X’ over the mounds that the skeetos left but to no avail. I ended up scratching them til they bled anyway.

holly & i woke up at dawn. our air mattress had a leak and we ended up flattened on the ground. packed up the car, hugs to puck and the family and away we went. girlie roadtrips with holly are one of the supreme joys of my life. Two ridiculously hyper, inquisitive & sensitive devils out on the open road. we’re racking up states coast to coast now. we organize & research & then follow our instincts. waterfalls bring excitement, any rushing water really. she loves bacon. i love being naked. we both love ice cream. so it was fitting a vermont road trip stop would be the factory of ben & jerry’s. bypassing the tour in favor of sundaes.

we then hiked a waterfall under threatening skies & did cartwheels in a cemetery. bible students congregated on the fire escapes in the nearby school looking down at us laughing ourselves stupid, rolling around among the graves. giddy just to be together, to uncover a new town, to be in need of nothing but the next adventure… there really is no one like my hollyfae.. no one… period:exclamationpoint: I love her endless…. she is a part of me….

so then dusk fell and after some iphone research, we decided to stay in a haunted victorian hotel, the green inn in stowe. dark wood, high beds, verandas and spooky history. we made the receptionist blush bright red as we spoke in sultry voices calling him ‘maaaaaaathew’ and threatening to wreck the room, giggling up the stairs “his face was so red, it was BROWN! Bwwaaaaahahahaha!” drinking wine in the jacuzzi prompted some ludicrous video taping… pasty-white asses running in slow motion on treadmills, pranks in the pool, the sauna, blowing bubbles to the camera, passing the bottle between us winking at the security camera where surely maaaaatthew was watching…. we played the footage back on the hotel bed with a bette midler song playing on a laptop and nearly died from laughter. ‘yes bette midler! it’s GOT to be bette midler!!” we are so stupid… we are a bubble… but we can be serious too…

we ate dinner at a thai place, red basil catching up on life, talking about how amazing our boyfriends are and about our puppies. i vented about my issue to have children or not.

at present it feels like a boat that has just pushed off from shore and i see myself holding my camera, wearing combat boots from the sand, waving at it, wishing it well, knowing somewhere deep inside that it may not be too late to unlace my boots, find a safe place to store my camera for a time and dive into that sea to coax it back to shore. but the issue of going thru such effort seemingly born of animal instinct to attain some incredible unknown when my life right now is so full and complete ignites this hesitancy that i must pay attention to. earlier this year when i was 35 years old, i would cry at every episode of ‘baby stories’ and decide that yes, i want to bring life to this world, to sacrifice, to reprioritize. i would throw down my wacom pen, run into the living room and affirm it tearfully only to change my mind the very next day when i saw a toddler screaming murder in a shopping cart or a teenager ranting online about how they hate their parents. seemingly every single day i changed my mind… for months. it felt chemical, as if it wasn’t me making this decision, it was just my age and my instincts as a woman. and my sweet love of a man, for over 5 years now, while not desperate to be a father in this life was on board & open to whatever it was that i needed to experience in this life….

the truth is that i cannot fathom stopping my life right now. i’m living my purpose. i am consumed and blessed with this ENERGY inside me… this THING… this wire between my past and future that is glowing in all prism ways. this fire for moments and the passion that comes with it. i feel as if everything i have ever experienced, every wall that’s ever threatened to hold me, every journey that left me heartbroken or confused, every cusp i’ve ever grappled with has let me to this very moment in time… and i’ll fight to keep it…

on the flipside, am i missing out on the greatest love ever? the love between a mother & child, skin to skin, milk as life and all things new yet ancient… are there content happy mothers that still live their dreams while encouraging their children to do the same? if so, i haven’t met but a few…and they all seemed to have loads of money. from what i’ve heard, motherhood seems lots of frustration, sleeplessness, a complete loss of self, but this sublime vortex of joy that i only get surface glimmers of, being a virtual outsider to it, even as an aunt.

in summary, i am still confused…. but less so than months before… as i can now visualize myself on that beach watching that boat of motherhood drift slightly more towards the horizon, almost out of reach, grateful for my choice but even more grateful for the tangible visceral life that i am finally on top of, the one that makes sense to me. my world is my art and the people i love. nothing is missing. i am 80 years old living my life backwards, a woman-child. i know who i am finally and where i belong.

3 september – on a plane from los angeles to new york city
peppermint oil on my toes, stripey socks. i check & double-check my gear, touch & touch & spiraling out protection & zip & release. suitcases make pinball’s eyes dilate and change. she then averts my gaze until i leave as if to say dramatically ‘go, just GO’ heartbreaking really but she is well cared for… and i always return…

butterflies escalate on the way to the airport. deep breathing, long brady hugs at curbside, slipping big tips and winks to skycap to let the extra 8 pounds slide. teeth clenching my boarding pass as i fish out my drivers license from my utility belt. explanations to TSA who eyeball me after scowling at the xray monitor “they are light bulbs. i’m a photographer…” nevermind, it’s always the same… rigmarole, swipe for bomb glitter, re-scan, re-swipe. epicuren, my new skincare regime in 2oz bottles in a ziplock bag. my new tool to hopefully fight my complexion problem. so much stress lately…

i’ve pushed myself so hard, traveling mostly since may. home long enough to do laundry, make out and catch up on edits (18 hours a day for days on end). it shows in my face… i’m tired… all the balance that i prided myself with in earlier months has officially dissipated. i feel it in my body. i’m listening. i will change it. just let me get thru this nyc trip. sold out shoots for a week, a wedding too.

no matter how i feel physically, emotionally, psychically, the instant that i grip my camera, it all fades. it’s all worth it. all of this travel, all that I do to get where I need to be. it all becomes worth it. i ignite. i’m ready, excited, present, focused and happy. i can’t explain it… my headspace shifts. i become alive in a different way, like a light beam. i conjure, banish and shift thru the veils of people in studio shoots. the ones who want to make art with me. i feel endless and as if there is no where else i’d rather be. even during shoots that begin slow. there is always ‘the zone’. the place we reach where they’re a light beam too and click, click, morph, beauty, flicker… and we laugh often. the zone is guaranteed… it always happens… and sometimes it’s serious. i strip the room of all but one light or my models of their clothes and there is nothing but the b&w movie in our heads.

even writing this transports me to the studio and i look up from my plane seat cocoon to find a small child peeking at me thru the space in the seat in front of me. a short game of wonder and then she gets admonished by her father… i pick at my blue fingernail polish, pressing play on ‘universal traveler’ by air. i drift off watching clouds, trusting in the promised moments to come…

9 september – at the regina spektor concert in Minneapolis
i’m a spectator… in a seat. my trigger finger twitches. i want to run to the stage with my 70-200 lens and capture the band. the light is gorgeous. white light kissed with blue, my favorite. a young girl plays xylophone and i want to feel it closer. i whisper my mental state to mary of the betwitched, new kindred friends of mine that have spoiled me silly in minneapolis. with all sincerity i ask her what to do. sitting here in this seat at the state theater watching the opening band. what happens here? i honestly don’t remember how to enjoy a show when i’m not in the photo pit or in the wings or crouched behind a speaker tower. i haven’t sat in a seat for a concert in years. “when the lights go down, and the piano begins to play all will fade into the music. just listen…” she says. “when the hush falls over everyone, it’s better than applause.” i want to be transported. i will try. tonight i am not a photographer. i push back my shoulder blades and let the sound in…

13 september ~ on a plane from minneapolis to los angeles
a week with my sister & her boyfriend in their new apartment in astoria. i pushed aside boxes to sleep on the futon & walked a few blocks to danielle’s apartment each day where i set up my playground of a studio. endless non-stop days of shooting in nyc, exhausting, fulfilling… in my one hour of free time, I watched children pop big balloons at bethesda terrace which was all the reset i needed… such laughter & joy…

lee & keith picked me up from the airport in minneapolis and i became their couch troll in the basement with the gargoyles & ganesh music… breathing deep and wandering aimless around the lake near their house. each day i found another tree to sit in and close my eyes after some time at ‘hot plate’ on bloominton avenue, my morning haunt…. such a gift to have some quiet time between shooting days…. i set up the playground at bohemian underground on lake street and every person i shot it was the 2nd and 3rd times we’d worked together.

nighttimes were spent catching up on the day with lee and keith or going out with eric & mary of the band, the bewitched. we had sushi & sake & thai food & regina spektor fun & a fabulous evening at nyes polonaise where they have the world’s most dangerous polka band. they really spoiled me way too much… and such amazing chats about art and passion….

and so it is done… my busiest tour to date is over…. i’ve been traveling for the most part from may until september…. florida, virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, las vegas, austin, houston, san francisco, vermont, new york city again and then minneapolis…

i’m going home today, full, grateful…