Monthly Archives: November 2008

an email that makes it worth it, all of it…

“you brought out my beautiful fierce…..and all my hard hair work looks astonishing, I always forget how long it takes to make one head that intensely breathtaking…plus it’s hard to see the beauty in something you stare for so many hours…I think they all took a total of 18 – 24 hours, between extensions, and added pieces I built on for the shoot, it’s rewarding to see that really amplified– I’ve already had inquiries from Chicago and New York..just from the two on myspace…you are a photographer that really works for the client..My friend Valentina, from LA, who I saw last night, told me her headdresses, but not her directly, have worked with you *giggle*…She ‘s also worked with other pros like David Lacheppelle (or something) She said you definitely were the eye that brought out the most detail and integrity in her time consuming work . small world…….anyhow, they’re fantastic – wouldn’t change a titch……many thanks, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to shoot with you be it here or there…there will be another I’m certain…”
~jonquil of fierce locks, a shoot in seattle.
big thanks to patrick, my assistant and miguel edwards for the space~