Monthly Archives: May 2008

babies, the sea and lessons of reunion

racing, rushing, out the door to the train station, dragging my suitcases over punctured yellow cement. one has my camera gear and a toothbrush. the other is filled with organic vegetables and quinoa. my best friend, jen, had a baby and i feel her every second. she needs help. she needs my magick soup. she needs sleep…. and i love fynn so much already… an instant bond, never known anything like it. when i first saw him, my world shifted a bit.
when jen was asleep last week i danced with him in the kitchen, made wishes against his cheek… that he be happy most of all, that he make others happy, that he learn and laugh and grow and play, always to play and to always know how lucky he is to have such amazing parents.

jen is my sunflower, my mirror, such an amazing girl. she is my only family here. when i go to her house, it is like my own. my blanket is on the couch, photos of us in high school in frames, i know where she keeps her pots and pans and moisturizer.

our ancestors come from the same small town in poland and we are convinced that our friendship is one of many incarnations. i soak her up now… in a few weeks she will leave and move to florida… i won’t think about that now… i clip my ipod to my resting knee, stretch away tears and watch desert brush blur and give way to a perfect california shoreline… it is all progression, it is perfect in its own way… and if time happens and churns, there is a chance she will come back…

…i love the sea. it resets me. it takes me out, puts me back new. children running from the waves, those frosty aquamarine crests, the languid movement of people walking at the edge, a tennis ball stuck atop a beachhouse roof, shingles like pringles, lovers with bound hands, jumping into the waves crashing on their necks. an invitation arrives on my phone for a party on saturday night. i forward it to brady ‘yes, let’s go. i want to sip wine and flirt with you from across the room.’ four years together and i still look forward to each and every time i see him. from the morning time when he sleepily comes to me for a hug to our 10pm sushi dates…