Monthly Archives: May 2007

lightning in a bottle

i sit where morning light chases away the cold overcast haze. every muscle in my body hurts. three days of rampaging an event in the forest with all of my friends. my friends, the ones that keep me wide-eyed in projects and performance. the ones that feed my drug. i shot 2000 images this weekend, had 5 hours sleep total. gopher holes like mars, precarious stepping in platform boots, dust in my lungs not unlike the playa. a dark valley at 3am like a mirage and in the mornings i wandered alone there to see deer congregating… the art, the music, the stilt circus that blew me away. march fourth marching band, the late nights hearing mutaytor singing drunkenly with them. kj and i watch a blue bird, leaning forward to watch its wings, sharing string beans. crows fly now, full blue black wings, friends hugging goodbye, shade structures collapsing and my sweet dragon boy asleep hiding from the sun. in the cold of night we move like synchronized swimmers, spooning our way rottiserie style to keep warm and rest. so much input, so many photos… to wander here in wooded utopia or to rush home to unmask the pearls, this is the issue….

the fuzzball stays… for now….

we are making some progress… hundreds of dollars of vet bills, hours of reading up on supreme cat misbehavior, lots of tears, love and patience and i have made it a mission to try to sort this beast out… his actions now are less combative and more communicative… his meows are less of urgency and complaining and more conversational. i stare into him more and really want to know what he needs… the frustration, the urinating in front of us, the early morning screaming… it has all but stopped…. a simple opening of a door one desparate morning, a welcome to the outside world has helped tremendously. he is free to wander and vent to the trees and comes back in more content… not totally cured of his alpha male wishful dominance over brady but with some more patience i hope they sort it out.

he’s a complex fuzzball but one i’m not giving up on yet… and besides, he’s a wonderful model… the seamless paper comes out and he’s in front of the lights awaiting his headshot…