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DARK SKIES ART FESTIVAL ~ Tickets are $40 for the entire weekend as of today. They go up to $50 on May 1st, and they are $75 at the gate with proper camping gear. The Dark Skies Arts Festival is a 2 night camping trip, featuring art, performance, and music of all kinds. This is a leave-no-trace event. The site is less than an hour north from the las vegas strip.
Visit the event’s web site here

L.A. BURNING MAN REGIONAL EVENT FOR MEMORIAL DAY “ALCHEMY” ~ Saturday May 28th, 29th, and 30th. The 30th is memorial day. 1: the speculative philosophy whose aims are the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for diseases, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life. 2: the way two individuals relate to each other; “a mysterious alchemy brought them together” Spend a long weekend turning lead into gold, strangers into friends, and dreams into realities. Theme camps, black rock rangers and volunteers from all of southern california will join together to create a well prepared event where you can camp, enjoy music, create art, surprise and delight each other with your talent, and rejuvenate your spirit. There will be multiple areas for music, for poetry, and for art. we will have quiet time from 5am through 10 am. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO~

two hours of sleep in three days… one thousand photographs… permagrin… muddy combat boots… ah, xara 2005… i can’t even articulate what the weekend was like… i won’t in fact… lol~ still processing…

on friday i took wedding photos for the adorable vicky & eric on the beach in malibu. a series of kinks in the day’s plan threatened to turn their wedding day into some frustration… the rings weren’t ready yet, they’d forgotten the flowers, eric’s vows weren’t done, vix was nauseous from nerves, parking my car proved troublesome, eric’s family was almost late… and so when it started to rain we all just had to laugh and turn up the beastie boys as eric finished his wedding vows. when we got to malibu, there was a dying sea lion that beached itself. we called animal control and eventually a life guard came to tell us they were already called. the clouds proved a perfect diffusion and a smile crept onto vicki’s face… i posed them on rocks, in brush, over water… their families showed up and we walked wide around the sea lion to the jagged end of point dume where the sun magickally peeked through casting surreal light and the world seemed to slow down… the ceremony was sweet and quick and afterwards we stood in awe watching a whale close to shore and pairs of dolphins swimming archlike gracefully, churning the surf. the mothers squealed in delight at each surfacing and eric and vicki beamed at them, mirroring their coupling. we had a wonderful lunch together where i befriended eric’s 80-year-old grandmother, an amazing woman~ i should hope to be as wise and lucid and kind as her when i am her age. we spoke openly like old friends and she told me about her life. she is from the same town in germany as where my father was born. she told me that she remembers the nazi regime marching in the streets just before the holocaust. she told me about how she met her husband and we spoke about marraige. i told her a bit about my ex-husband. “was he too handsome?” she asked… and i smiled… “you should never marry someone too handsome.” what a funny thing to say~ lol~

getting undressed haphazardly while driving on the way to pick up shaunte to go to xara. already an hour late. friday traffic doesn’t bother me. just a chance to change from wedding photographer to party participant. the excitement of the weekend rests almost untouchable in the back of my mind and i tear my shirt off unabashed at stop lights and throw it in the backseat in favor of a purple fishnet shirt while boys lower their sunglasses and i rock out to joy division.

7pm – riding that southern snake, following a transparent full moon, sandwiched between sea and mountains. purple clouds low on the horizon pull us closer to the monastery. the moon gets brighter as the sun does its ancient dance of descention.


there’s so many amazing events coming up… it’s going to be a rockin summer!


FRIDAY 5/20 – SUNDAY, 5/22 – DARK SKIES – a three-day camping trip featuring art, performance, and music of all kinds, produced on multiple stages throughout the event site. 45 minutes NORTH of Las Vegas.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND – yesyes, reflections is happening…

SATURDAY, 6/4- i’m shooting photos of a performance in ojai, ca with gamalan gong performers…

SUNDAY 6/5 – the same musicians… at the LA Art Festival 3RD & Santa Fe in downtown LA

SATURDAY, 6/11 – my first l.a. gallery show… 5 of my photos in a group show… opening night in downtown l.a. ~ The Lightspace Gallery in the Brewery Arts Colony

SATURDAY, 6/25 – venice carnevale – venice beach centennial ~ Noon to 10pm At Windward Circle, Venice Beach Free Admission – All ages

7/4 – my bday / a mutaynt camping extravanza no doubt

FRIDAY, 7/8 – Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball at henry fonda theater.

FRIDAY, 7/22 – SUNDAY 7/24 – FAERIEWORLDS in eugene, oregon ~ ~ secret house winery ~ we’ll be camping at richardson campground

8/29-9/5 – burning man!!!!

XARA ~ this weekend!

Xara Dulzura is an outdoor retreat exploring personal, creative mythology through visual and performing arts, workshops, landscape, and one another. Madre Grande Monastery is located on 264 secluded acres of oaks, stony hills and meadows high above and beyond rural Dulzura, in San Diego County.

hours before directing the music video yesterday i nearly threw up from nervousness. i paced, talked to myself, kicked things, couldn’t breathe, was convinced i forgot something vital. i was beyond even my magick tree. ‘fuck it! just get in the car!’ i admonished myself… i loaded my gear in my car and hoped for the best. while driving i realized that i never feel like this before a photo shoot and decided firmly that i am not ever going to be good at directing… all kinds of doubt started creeping. i was giving myself 30 lashes and it wasn’t looking good… until i showed up to that amazing posh house overlooking all of culver city and opened my video camera case… then everything slowed down, i knew exactly what i wanted to shoot, i even started breathing again… it helped that the actress was gorgeous and that the musician beleived in me… it also helped that a glass of wine was a prop that the actress and i took turns finishing after the take giggling like sneaky school girls. jodi, the actress, was a professional, yet open and sweet and willing to shoot anything. we became fast friends and after the 2nd location at the beach, i took her to venice for my favorite raspberry and custard ice cream… i returned home at sunset hyper and reviewed the footage, hoping i got enough, slept for a bit and then headed out to shoot the hipgenesis party downtown from midnight til 4am, sunday brunch with brady this morning and then the task at hand, editing this beast… again the nervousness rears up, the doubt, all of it, all born of hesitation… and then i read this sweet email from jodi…
“hey pixie! i just wanted to thank you so much for the shoot made it so comfortable for me in everyway. your personality and incredible positive energy was so refreshing. and your direction with me helped so much. honestly, you helped me so knew what you wanted and you directed it to me so obviously. and as well thank you for introducing me to venice beach!”

and now i’m ready to edit this… i won’t leave my room til i’m done….