Monthly Archives: February 2005

we’ve been warned!!!

about saturday’s party… from dj jesse …. Subject: Pirates vs. Ninja’s

I hear tell that Pirates will be infiltrating Ninja Night this Saturday. I had a little something to write about that. About these Pirates. Are these Mutaytor Pirates? cause I was worried for a minute, but then I heard they were mutaytor pirates. Those guys are wussies. I remember once back in…er…1652 I came across one of those guys. He was all “Yaaarrrrr, are you be a Ninja?” I said “Hai!” then he was like, “dude, I am so gonna kick your a…” that’s when I chopped his head off. Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by Pirates and I noticed that they all had an extra finger and LED lights hanging around their necks. They started circling around me, I think that there were 15 of them. I quickly sheathed my sword and went for me throwing stars. ready to open fire. They went for their weapons as well but I must admit I was kind of surprised. Their weapons consisted of Hula-hoops, strings with more LEDs on them (which I must say was kind of pretty and impressive since we didn’t even have light-bulbs yet) and a couple of fiery balls at the end of strings being flicked about in a random rhythmic pattern. Then the drums started. Oh god the horrible drums. I thought that this was it for me. they were starting some black magic pirate ritual that was getting itself into my head, bouncing around like a wooden ball. killing my brain cells by the thousands I reeled but but Ninja training paid off. I quickly flung the rhythms from my head and started throwing my stars. within about 6 seconds I have a pile of dead pirates in front of me, blinkie, glittery prates. In my own humble Ninja way, I have labeled the Mutaytor Pirates…wussies. Jesse “Mister Ninja Sir” Wright

oh it’s SO on! NINJAS SUCK!

from brian…LOL!

“These techno debates remind me of the motorcycle racers I encounter when racing my bike. Three fourths of them sit in the pits fiddling with suspension adjustments or engine modifications to go a tenth of a second faster. However, the fast guys are out there running lap after lap practicing. Thats how you get better. Ditto with your camera.” -Tim van der Weert

“when people object, you know you’re on the right path to doing something they haven’t seen before.” ~jason


paynie tells me that REAL photographers use strobe lights. buck says REAL photoshop users dont use filters. i am not interested in hearing any of that right now. i’m LEARNING. i’m consciencely trying to not put limitations on what i do. i don’t want to feel jaded, obligated or doubtful. i don’t care what anyone thinks of my work right now because i’m LEARNING. i don’t need the criticism or the compliments. i am focused only on the work. i just want to learn and when people tell me all scholarly like what their own perceptions of art is, the FAUX-FUCKING PAS of art, i feel like telling them to STUFF IT! because they should remember their own curiousities and leave me to mine for now… i dont need the praise or the suggestions. i just want to do my thing for now. i’m trying to keep the outside world OUT because there’s so much going on inside me right now that i need to pay attention to and i don’t want to limit it. curiousity is a good thing and i want to be allowed to explore it without reigns or reason…