Monthly Archives: September 2004

the playa giveth and the playa taketh away~

what the hell kinda digital karma mess have i become entwined in? what the hell did i do in a past life to deserve this? ok sure balconies and brimstone… I MISS THE NON-DIGITAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! my ricoh still cam that my dad gave me when i was 14 has been dropped, kicked, hauled all around the world, always a perfect shot. my mr. jvc video camera that took vhs tapes, same deal. indestructible. a solid decade of memory capturing. now within a span of just a few months i’ve managed to destroy two cameras. first my trillion dollar dv camera bailed off a balcony at a club and now playa dust in my still camera… all my fault, i know! i know! (insert beating head against a wall). but that’s no reason for the technician who called me today to mock me. ‘you might as well buy another camera, young lady’ he said. ‘YOUNG LADY, MY ASS, MISTER!’

pirate: you are a bit too bouncy to be trusted with technology. you’re like a living female Tigger. you wouldn’t expect Tigger to NOT break a camera.

and so i sulked and kicked things for half of the day today… the other half hiding under my desk cuz they are laying off a ton of people from warner bros and the tension is too high, among other issues like emails from ex-boyfriends and raging purple PMS…

and then…. thru the mist of faerie tantrums comes… a solution….

wicked grin…. presenting… the sony DSC-F828… mine…tomorrow…just in time for the san francisco love parade this weekend….

at the LA county fair. mutaytor is setting up for 3 shows today. brady is on a hunt for his bag of drumsticks. alfie is carrying a bag of symbols around. russell smashes cans of lighter fluid after first posting signs that read ‘flammable area!’ these crazy kids & their fire… the sun turns golden. screams of carnival-goers rise up over the sound of generators and shards of ice melt around my feet. it’s very interesting to watch the set-up and lifestyles of a band. when i was little i wanted to be a band manager. i studied casey kasem’s countdown every week and read biographies on rockstars, curious how they began, what they were like with their amplifiers unplugged. i always wanted to know the story behind the lyrics. i liked to guess first. when we finally got cable tv, i was an MTV addict. i studied every single video, recorded them, rewound and watched them, sometimes frame by frame. i always knew i would do something in the music business. after film school, i got jaded about the film industry in new york city. i used to work 20 hour days sometimes as a production assistant for almost nothing. my dad made sure i worked during art school in his company’s jersey city branch once a week. i typed, answered phones, and shredded mountains of paper. once, i overheard the branch manager talking to dad about my hair, half shaved and purple… “can i talk to you…ehrm…about your…daughter’s hair?” i just gathered my stuff and left…

11pm – brady and i went on the ferris wheel and kissed as lights made patterns all over us. it ended too soon. we ate dippin dots ice cream and i wondered if there are any two dots that are alike. i liked to think of each sugar ball as a snowflake. he had root beer float flavored and i had cookie dough. such odd edible shapes… it is late now and the band is packing up. some cases still have playa dust on them from burning man. this mutaytor show was supposed to be G-rated but it was still sexy. families with strollers and teenagers formed crowds that brady & i plowed thru with joined extended arms. we stood and watched willie nelson on a huge projection playing live inside this auditorium. i thought he only played country but he was rocking out with some great blues…


a sweet email from someone i met at burning man

dear pixie… going thru my pics from bm …i cant exactly figure out who you were…but i wrote in my “special bm notes book”…”an incredible nimble and wistful spirit…loving life and with an infinate passionate smile”…i wrote this poem for you when i later got back to camp……

“sight flight ”
a butterfly
with freedom glides
along a track
of wind.
undaunted by
my vexing eye
you swoop and swoon
and flit away…
leaving me hanging
onto a dream.

pixie…..i think i was with another girl when i met you…i think when you were out on your bike…cause i wrote that you had your camera on your bike(or had your camera with you)…i mostly remember …that i wanted to keep in touch with you……i guess how you look…isnt really important to …just how you are….and i thank you for giving me that picture of you (poem) give back to you…as i dont write much anymore..and i felt sooo nice to become “visionary”… tenderly, nomad jack

listening to ziggy stardust, cruising the sunset strip at midnight on a saturday night with jason in my passenger seat talking about parallel universes… about what his life would’ve been like had he decided to move to san fran instead of los angeles. we both agree that l.a. was a great decision and that this summer that is soon ending was one of the best summers ever. we consider lamenting the ending of summer but no…. there’s still parties and events to go to every single night and the weather holds us in summer spirit.

tonight we went to elinor & wendy’s party in west hollywood. sangria and taquitos, some familiar faces and some friendly new ones. i was exhausted from karis’ party last night and shooting/editing all day today and despite having a great time soaking elinor up, i had to leave to satiate this human need of sleep. she walked me to the car, hip to hip~ she gave me a vial of glitter with a faerie wand attached to it. šŸ™‚

today i had a facial and a lesson on the hammered dulcimer. i’ve driven by myself on highways exactly twice since getting my car, both times in the name of the hammered dulcimer. this is how excited i am about this instrument.

an evening of editing and quiet. i haven’t been home in quite a while. monday night brady made me dinner. when i arrived, he wasn’t back from the store yet. i played with their cat, ‘the cheat’. as she cuddled into her fleece bed and purred into my palm, i saw brady coming up the stairs. he hid behind the wall at the door and while we kissed, he surprised me with bright pink flowers with purple stems. “they didn’t have purple flowers,” he said. we kissed even more then. it was so sweet. lisa, his best friend, and i talked in the kitchen for some time as brady set about dinner. he fed me raw broccoli and we tried not to make out in front of lisa, who was having a hard time with a recent break up. we sat in the dimly lit garden and had dinner. roo came to join us afterwards. she’d taken her braids out and drank a glass of ravenswood wine making funny noises.