Monthly Archives: July 2001

on Friday night all of tsafi’s friends went out for eyal’s birthday. It was a place in herzliya called ‘columbus’ and it was ‘an American bistro’. It was the kind of place that Israelis would consider a ‘dive’ but a place i soaked up. It was like TGIF or virgils BBQ. It made me miss cheese fries with kt and blue margaritas with shaunte.

OK…. i miss NYC…confession confession. When i see images on TV, i salivate… i really do…today i counted out on my fingers how many years i lived in NYC and i counted 15…

today i am 28 years old…. it’s the first birthday that i have ever had to work. What a strange feeling. i miss NYC today. i miss walking with the crowd down 14th street toward the river with 80’s music blaring and knowing that three barges with sparkling sky candy were getting ready to ignite. i miss margaritas. I’ve been living in Israel a little over two months now and i still haven’t found my place here…but it’s new and exciting and I’ve proven things to myself in recent months that my 80-year-old self smiles about. i wrote a letter a few days ago to Diana telling her how i can’t remember the last time that i saw one cloud in the sky and this morning i awoke to find many clouds making still-frame fireworks with the sunrise.

5:45pm – “shalom” i say to the train ticket stamper guy. a short man next to him springs to his feet and says “oh you speak English” To which i reply in English”no. I said SHALOM and that’s not English” And we smiled and he asked to check my bag. “But you didn’t do that yesterday” i sing-song brattishly to him “yesterday i was tired” he said. “well yesterday i could have had a nuclear or biological weapon in my bag! THEN how tired would you be? you’d be dead!” and he smiled but the ticket stamper guy next to him looked horrified so before he could arrest me i passed the gate, went over the tracks using the metal bridge and waiting for the 15-minute train from herzliya to netanya, hoping it was one of the new trains that are two stories high, completely robot-ized with speaking stops and doors with the smell of a new car. The train platform looks just like the valley stream stop on the LIRR; open and exposed on both sides.