Monthly Archives: April 2001

relocation from nyc to israel

i have photographs in these pages of my journal. i have a letter unsent to my sister. i don’t want to be foreign. i want to acclimate as much as possible – as soon as possible. mostly though, i just want to kiss tsafi on the beach…

the sun is amazing here! it’s so hot and i know i should take shade but at the same time it’s an addicting vitamin warmth that i can’t tear away from. the breeze lifts my skirt. The flowers here are so bright. small cylinder hot pink flowers like honey bird cone snacks. (tsafi calls hummingbirds, ‘honey birds’ and here i go writing honey bird…ah!) flat blue scalloped petals, not much vibrant green but the bright appendages coming up from the earth make up for it. yossi, tsafi’s friend whose wedding we went to in january, showed me his photos of ethiopia and kenya. i asked him why he went to Ethiopia and he told me that him and his wife, mirit, consider it a dream. looking at his photos i can see why… seeing past the poverty to survival lessons of life and learning about the tribes…being accepted in a place like that… there were also photos of Kenya why does everyone who visits Kenya have photos of lions having sex? tsafi has this identical photo from when he went there….hmmmmm…..

this morning on the way to university, in the opposite direction was a road block where israeli soldiers were checking every car. apparently that is the main road from the occupied territories to netanya. i think they only do that during the morning rush hour. while tsafi was on break from class, his cell phone rang with a text message and it was news that there is a 4-week cease fire agreement. we laughed thinking ok, and..what happens after that? “ok..ready… GO!” and the fighting continues?

2am – the bug crisis continues. ants and jiggers of all sizes in our loveshack. gabe has some indescribable goo in his fur that i can’t get out.

3:25am – and the bug war rages on through the night! a mosquito sucked my face dry! (i turned on all the lights screaming and tsafi killed it and we taped it to my journal)